Wonder Women

Since 2011, the "Wonder Women" initiative has empowered more than 300 women by giving them the skills, tools and confidence to succeed as micro-social-entrepreneurs, selling solar lamps, water filters and clean cookstoves in their communities in remote parts of Indonesia.

Abdiah, “I purchased a solar light and enjoy many benefits: when the electricity is out, I no longer need to buy candles, I can just turn on this lamp.” Too many people still rely on dangerous and polluting kerosene lamps and three-stone cookfires to meet their basic lighting and cooking needs.
Ibu Kimilia, “Every night I work making cakes to sell them in the morning around the village. We use the money for our daily needs, for the ingredients, for storage, for children’s school fees. If there is no light I cannot work.” Ibu Kimilia needs to work at night for her two children “I own a solar light and a clean stove”. Her hope is in her children. “They can achieve their dreams!”

During their training, the women of the Tech Agent network learn about bookkeeping and how to become an entrepreneur. After that they receive products on consignment and earn a commission on every sale. Marsini is an agent: “I am a housewife and I run a small shop. I have been a Tech Agent for two years, I get some extra income from selling these technologies. Whenever I meet my friends at the market, I tell them I have a new product!”.

Women use their additional income for food, education, to improve their business or to start a new one, or to build their own house. Gender empowerment improves the condition of the entire community. Thanks to the success of the Tech Agents as micro-social entrepreneurs, almost 10,000 people now have access to clean water, clean light and a clean means of cooking.

Kopernik (NGO)