Energy at the core of the problem and the solution

Have you ever heard about Net Zero 2050? It is an ambitious plan to make the planet CO2 neutral by 2050, but the questions are if it is even possible and what changes we have to make to reach that goal. All in all, you can say that energy is both the core of the climate problem and the core of the solution. But how is that possible?

We know that industrialisation has led to a massive increase in GHG emissions which are having consequences that are threatening the stability of the planet. This is the reason we are experiencing climate change and eco-systems collapse. 

In this lesson we will examine energy consumption a little closer. Energy consumption is responsible for three-quarters of our GHG emissions. To reach Net Zero emissions as soon as possible we must use it more efficiently so our consumption is reduced, and where possible our consumption must come from renewable forms of energy and no longer from the burning of fossil fuels. 

There is much that has already been put in motion and much we can all do to help this energy transition. We just need to understand where the problems lie and what the most effective actions are. 

Let's go - let's learn how we best take action!