Protecting the Planet - FULL MODULE

The Let's Act! Protecting the Planet Module is composed of five lessons: 

1) The Road to Agenda 2030
Learn about how the 2030 Agenda invites everyone to take action and contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

2) Our planet at risk
Explore why the planet is becoming less inhabitable. Learn about what has made the Earth particularly suitable for human development over the past 10-12.000 years.

3) Energy at the core of the problem and the solution 
Examine energy consumption a little closer. Energy consumption is in fact responsible for three-quarters of our GHG emissions.

4) Food production - the other side of the coin
Learn about the other one-quarter of GHG emissions, which primarily come from our food production, and what we can do to reduce these.

5) A World of Opportunities
Examine and learn about which sectors of society are responsible for what part of the reorganisation.