Small devices for a better life

In Namibia only 15% of rural households are connected to the electric grid, in Zambia less than 3%. For these people daily expenses for candles, kerosene and other dirty fuels add up quickly and all too often they can’t afford the up-front cost of such simple life-changing devices as solar lights and cell phone chargers. These products really change the daily life of poor and isolated communities. They give them access to a clean and cheap source of light and allow them to recharge their mobile phones, the only way to communicate in many isolated areas.

Susana is a customer in north-central Namibia "I am very happy to use this product because now I'm not spending money to buy candles and matches and to charge my cell phone each week. Now everything is possible." With the Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) scheme customers can pay for products in installments and this increases their ability to begin introducing clean, safe and renewable energy into their homes.

John is a 9th grade student in Namibia who used some of his government allowance to buy a light “Now I have safe light for my studies and I make about N$20 a month (around 1,50 Euro) from charging cell phones!”. These portable devices give students safe light to study with and can light shops for entrepreneurs, thus increasing their earning potential.

In the last few months 3,000 lamps have been sold, 700 have been distributed to rural schools throughout Namibia and 350 lights/cell phone chargers have been sold to rural, poor customers and their life has really changed!

Elephant Energy (NGO)