WAME and partners announce Let's Act project at SDG7 Pavilion at COP26

The Let's Act partners are thrilled to be announcing the launch of their online SDG Learning Platform focusing on PROTECTING THE PLANET at the SEforALL SDG7 Pavilion at COP26 on Wednesday 10th November at 18:00 CET and welcome evenyone to join this special event.

The young generation plays a key role in the change needed to protect the planet with their daily habits and behaviour. They will inherit this planet and will be charged with taking better care of it than previous generations did, and need to be prepared for this enormous task. This is why they should be actively engaged from an early age in coming to grasp with complex issues such as sustainable development and how to design and implement environmentally friendly solutions. This applies to all spheres of engagement, whether addressing how to commute, what to eat or which clothes to wear, what jobs and higher education to pursue and in what sector. As such, the better equipped they are to deal with complex issues like climate mitigation and adaptation or circular economy, the better equipped they will be to face the challenges and sustainable choices that lie ahead of them.

While sustainable development and climate topics are relevant and can be applied to many subjects that are part of the national curriculum in most countries, few teachers are fully equipped to teach the complexity of such topics, which not only require a highly scientific cross-disciplinary approach, but also require one to be up to date with fast evolving technological solutions that are being proposed such as smart meters, mobile payments, biodegradable plastics, electricity generation from solar or wind energy, electric vehicles and carbon capture and sequestation.

The SDG Learning Platform first Module will focus on the topics relevant to "Preserving the Planet" focusing on the global environmental and climate goals and exploring what key action must be taken to address these. The content will be based scientific data and evidence and will be delivered in an appropriate and innovative format for online learning for young people. The Module and lessons will be designed to support curriculum-focused learning, by mapping the lessons of the course to the national curriculum of the countries involved and will include a series of didactic material including reading material, quizzes, videos, games and competitions especially designed for increased learning and memorisation, which can be used to further explore the various topics, for self-assessment and student progress.

Please join the Let's Act in announcing the launch of this project by registering for the SDG7 Pavilion at COP26 HERE