Steering Committee

Pippo Ranci

Pippo Ranci is Principal Energy Advisor at the Florence School of Regulation and has been Professor of Economic Policy at the Università Cattolica in Milan (1973-2004) and president of the Regulatory Authority for Energy (1996-2003)

Laura Susani

Laura Susani is presently working in the Generation division of A2A and is a member of the Access to Electricity working group of Eurelectric.  She has worked in the energy and environmental sectors in the international development arena since 1999 and was Secretary General of WAME (2014-2016).  

Pia Løvengreen Alessi

Pia Løvengreen is Advisor on Universal Access to Energy at the Florence School of Regulation and has managed several development projects in India and the Democratic Republic of Congo (1999-2007), and worked in the field of energy and regulation (2008-2015)

Matteo Leonardi

Matteo Leonardi is an international consultant in energy infrastructure development with specific reference to renewables, distributed generation and energy access technologies and policies development in Europe and Africa where he has been long term resident for development projects.