Report analysis

Energy Access is gaining momentum and many institutions and organisations are publishing excellent reports covering progress, predictions, challenges and opportunities, nexus with other themes related to development. In this section the WAME team provides summaries of some of these key publications, pinpointing new trends and highlighting the novel aspects of each of the selected publications.



Measuring “Reasonably Reliable” access to electricity services

Review by: Pippo Ranci

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Poor People’s Energy Outlook 2018 (PPEO)

Review by Christine Juta

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SDG 7 in the United Nations 2019 Sustainable Development Goals Report

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A Utility Approach to Accelerate Universal Electricity Access in Less Developed Countries: A Regulatory Proposal

Review by Pippo Ranci

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The Global Plan of Action for Sustainable Energy Solutions in Situations of Displacement Framework for Action 2018

Review by Marina Kazakou

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REthinking Energy 2017 (IRENA)

Review by Ilaria Bellacci

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The Least Developed Countries Report, 2017

Transformational energy access
Review by Federico Babbi

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Renewables 2017- Global Status Report, 2017

Chapter “ Distributed Renewable Energy for Energy Access”
Review by Arjun Surendra

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Policies to Spur Energy Access, September 2015

Review by Pia Lovengreen Alessi

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IEA Energy Access Outlook, October 2017

Review by Pippo Ranci

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