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Let's Act! SDG Learning Platform on Protecting the Planet



Let's Act! is an ERASMUS+ project that has delivered an SDG Learning Platform the focuses on Protecting the Planet. The Let's Act! Learning Platform provides a Massive Online Online Course (MOOC) for students aged 12-16 and their teachers. When engaging in the Platform, they will be guided through topics related to Protecting the Planet, such as the origins of the concept of sustainable development, facts and figures about the health of our planet, the 17 goals for sustainable development (SDG's), as well as lots of fun and interactive exercises and tasks. All content and activities on the Let's Act! Learning Platform has been designed by pedagogical experts with the objective to motivate the students to acquire the knowledge needed to take appropriate action in protecting the planet. Target audience: Students aged 12-16 and their teachers Language: English, Italian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Danish

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Fondazione AEM