NEW RMI REPORT: Fully Electrifying Delivery Vehicles: Insights from Shenzhen


To help identify and inform the design Electrical Vehicle (EV) solutions, Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) has been working in the City of Shenzhen, a city on the southeastern coast of China that is a world leader in the adoption of EVs. They have evaluated the policies and market dynamics that have led to the adoption of more than 70,000 Electric Logistics Vehicles (ELVs) in the city as Shenzhen aims to reach full electrification of urban logistics in the coming years.

We share our insights and key findings in a six-volume report series: Putting Electric Logistics Vehicles to Work in Shenzhen. This series follows on and complements our initial foundational report, A New EV Horizon: Insights from Shenzhen’s Path to Global Leadership in Electric Logistics Vehicles, which RMI published in June 2019. It builds on our work from 2019 by providing a detailed assessment of the policies, charging infrastructure deployment, technology, and market development advances critical to achieving full utilization of electric logistics vehicles.

The reports and the included insights are based on a robust modeling effort utilizing data from nearly 50,000 electric logistics vehicles operating in and around the city of Shenzhen as part of a global initiative to develop data-driven solutions to support city, state, regional, and industry leaders in setting a path to achieve 100% vehicle electrification.

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