Young Smart Cities consortium meet for kick-off of the project in Bologna


On 11-12 March 2024, the partners of the Young Smart Cities met in Bologna for the kick-off meeting of their new collaborative project. It was a very productive meeting where the full consortium worked on the technical details of the YSC Platform, clearly defined the scope and objective of all deliverables, identified the topics that will be explored as part of the Young Smart Cities project and mapped these against the national curricula and took the first steps to map out the communication and dissemination strategy by identifying the strengths of our product/service and the stakeholders we need to reach.

Apart from being a very productive meeting from a content perspective, it also provided a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other better and learn about the many shared visions of all the partners. The Bologna meeting has provided an excellent and productive start for our Young Smart Cities project, and we look forward to working closely together on delivering this innovative project over the coming months and years.

For further details of the Young Smart Citoes project go to the project website HERE