New SDG Learning Platform OPEN for testing by STUDENTS and their TEACHERS


The Let's Act SDG Learning Platform is opening for testing by students and teachers. The Platform will be available to test in English from January - March 2023 and Italian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Danish from February - March 2023.

The link between development, well-being and sustainability has never been so clear. The SDG Learning Platform allows young people to acquire knowledge, engage and explore, reflect and take action on some of the most urgent issues of our times. To create a sustainable world, we need a change of mindset, and knowledge is the first step in that direction.

The SDG Learning Platform guides students and teachers through some of the many dimensions to consider when learning how to preserve our planet. It explores why we find ourselves amid a climate and a biodiversity crisis, examines and clarifies complex scientific evidence, defines sustainability, identifies how it can help guide us through these crises, and explores how all of us play an essential role in contributing to the change needed.


The project's target audience: STUDENTS aged 12 -16 and their TEACHERS

The SDG Learning Platform provides a transdisciplinary educational tool which supports student-centred learning.

It provides the students with the knowledge, collaborative space and creative activities to understand the change needed to preserve the planet and how they can be part of the solutions.

It supports the teachers with a manual and curriculum mapping, which guides them through every module and suggests ways to integrate it into their regular lessons (geography, civic education, language acquisition …) or as a stand-alone extra-curricular subject.



From January to March 2023, the Let's Act SDG Learning Platform will be available online for testing. We warmly welcome teachers and students to engage and give us constructive feedback to ensure the final version will be as userfriendly as possible. 



STEP 1: Take the preliminary quiz

STEP 2: Engage in the Platform

STEP 3: Provide us with written feedback


To take part in the testing please register by clicking HERE

If you have any questions regarding the Let's Act project, please send a mail to: 

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