Exhibition “energETICA” - 27 October 2023 - Milan


The urban peripheries are where energy poverty shows environmental and social inequalities more clearly. Still, they are also where social activism produces innovative and supportive ideas and solutions to combat marginalization and social degradation.

The energy exhibition aims to produce an Italian photographic focus to highlight the efforts that individuals, associations, and public and private bodies are making to combat energy poverty and activate a modern and effective energy transition in our territory. They also tell us original stories related to energy, with particular attention to those set in urban suburbs throughout Italy.

EnergETICA is a new chapter of the larger photographic project called Energy Portraits, conceived by Marco Garofalo and Matteo Leonardi in 2017 with the fundamental contribution of the AEM Foundation, which has collected dozens and dozens of life stories linked to the theme of energy poverty to date. The first chapter focused on the Global South, where almost 800 million people still live without access to energy today.

The exhibition is promoted with the patronage of Rete Fotografia and is part of the Photofestival 2022.

Duration of the Exhibition: 28th Oct to 23 Dec 2022
Opening times:

Monday - Thursday 9.00 – 17.30
Friday 9.00 – 13.00

Free entrance to the exhibition by booking: fondazioneaem@a2a.eu

Fondazione AEM Piazza Po 3 – 20144 Milano (MI)

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