Let's Act Project Launched


Funding has been assured through the Erasmus Plus programme of the EU Commission for a 24 months project running from 1st March 2021 – 29th Feb 2023 called “Let’s Act” and will be the main didactic activity of WAME in the period 2021-2023.


Project summary:

With the Let’s Act project, the project partners aim to build a European Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Knowledge Network that has the expertise to design, produce and administer an Online SDG learning platform to facilitate and stimulate online learning and awareness raising about the SDGs for 12-16 year old students, and to give teachers the support and tools needed to integrate online learning in a meaningful and innovative way into their day-to-day teaching (whether in class or through distance learning). This includes:

  • Produce an Open-Access SDG Learning Platform (including didactic material, lesson plans, games and reading material) that will focus on “Preserving the Planet” as well as on mapping the SDGs’ relevance to the national curricula so the teachers can easily integrate the didactic material into their everyday teaching.
  • Provide the training and tools needed for teachers to integrate the content available on the Open-Access SDG Learning Platform in their blended and distance teaching according to the needs. The training will be delivered through online webinars and best practice videos.
  • Publish a research report on the impact of innovative online teaching resources on both students and teachers involved in the project
  • Publish a report on best practices in teaching SDGs in schools.


The partners of the project include universities, organisations and foundations working directly with the SDGs (content experts) and/or online learning and communication specialists (pedagogical experts) and teacher training experts as well as schools of the appropriate age-range. The role and responsibilities of the partners in the project are the following:

MUNDU, Denmark.

Fondazione AEM, Italy.

Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln (RFH), Germany.

The Erasmus Learning Academy (ELA), Italy.

138 SUZIE Prof. Vasil Zlatarski, Bulgaria High School and

Vasile Alecsandri Theoretical, Romania High School 

As soon as the project website has been launched we will make it available on the WAME website