NEW: Africa matters PODCAST SERIES


Africa has the youngest population in the world with over 226 million youth between 15-24 years old. This youth boom has been described as a 'ticking time bomb' and an economic burden due to high levels of youth unemployment, a lack of education and skills, and poor social infrastructure in many African countries. This youth boom will double by 2045. UNICEF calls on investment in youth with effective programmes to ensure that the youth boom is an economic opportunity rather than an economic burden. Africa Matters does exactly that. Africa Matters is a youth-led organisation dedicated to empowering young Africans to change the African narrative through leadership skills, capacity building, and community-impact projects. Building upon Africa Matters’ existing empowerment pathways - development workshops, networking evenings and webinars - THE AFRICA MATTERS PODCAST will provide yet another pathway for African youth and diaspora to not only build their knowledge basis, but to also listen to stories of other Africans actively working to empower and uplift our continent. THE AFRICA MATTERS PODCAST is a platform promoting critical engagement by African youth from different backgrounds sharing their opinions and knowledge. It is a podcast by African youth, for African youth. The podcast will address various challenges and opportunities facing the continent ranging from youth unemployment, to gender equality, to agriculture and youth, to conflict resolution, and engaging on simple questions like ‘What is an African?’ In each session it is the voices, experience and analysis of African youth that will come to the forefront.

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