Innovative finance for access to energy

September 21th, 2015, 2.30 pm
via Manin 23, Milano

Free participation

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Sustainable Energy for All is the goal set by the United Nations to be reached by 2030.

The International Energy Agency estimated at US$750 billion the cumulative investment necessary in the period 2010 to 2030, to provide universal access to modern energy.

The workshop will focus on access to electricity via off-grid solutions and access to clean cooking facilities. These twin issues represent a small share of the investments needed, yet they represent the largest share of population to be reached and served.

Financing models should support economic sustainability by including clear provisions regarding the ownership of the investment, the responsibility of providing the services and the way these are to be paid by the final consumers. Financial instruments are changing, sometimes in a revolutionary way, both on the side of savers and on the side of borrowers.

Social impact finance could represent a key element towards world access to modern energy: significant experiences in this field will be presented by the actors involved.