Clean Cooking Solutions
for Health and Sustainability

July 8, 2015
Expo Milano 2015
Rho Pero – Milano

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Worldwide 2.6 billion people have no access to clean cooking and heating systems in their homes: the use of open fires and traditional cookstoves and fuels causes indoor pollution and, as a consequence, respiratory diseases and around 4 million deaths per year.

Clean cooking solutions in developing countries bring benefits in terms of health, shorter cooking times and the quality of life for women: women are those most exposed to indoor smoke emissions, the collection of wood for fuel is a time consuming activity and in some cases is responsible for deforestation and local land conflicts.

Ef­ficient stoves and clean fuels reduce damage to health and deforestation. Safe, affordable, and accessible clean cooking solutions exist and can really reduce fuel consumption and exposure to harmful cookstove smoke, while providing economic opportunities for local communities.

The workshop presents thematic analysis, best practices and an interesting debate whit experts, researchers, stakeholders. A conversation on the culture of food with Lidia Bastianich, Ambassador Women for Expo, will conclude the workshop.