When night falls, in the village of Sine Mbarik, Sossop or Bandulou, as is the case in the majority of villages in Senegal, the faint glow of the moon does not allow the inhabitants much activity.

It is in these completely isolated villages, far from the nearest electrical grid, that the Liter of Light NGO has launched its two projects. Thanks to their solar powered "bottles of light"*, the first project installed street lamps in the village of Sine Mbarick, the second project illuminated the school buildings of the villages of Sossop, Ndianendiane, Tataguine and Bandulou.

"But we do not want to limit our project to providing light to the school buildings only," says a worker of NGOs " in Ndianendiane, for example, the road that takes the children to school is very busy, and it is difficult for the cars to see the persons walking on the road. It is therefore necessary to install lamps at the edge of the road to protect the people walking there."

"Thereafter, we also want to make the water wells safer and more accessible to the women in the villages" he continues, "and we will do so by installing one of our lamps above each source so as to make it safe even after dark ".

Thanks to the installation of the simple lamps, the Liter of Light team continues its mission of bringing light and life to the most isolate villages, thus restoring hope to their people, and leaving them with a new light in his eyes.

* Ref. the story "Light ... from a bottle of water"

Photo: Elena Mannocci